Brazil Electronic Visa

Brasil eVisa

Minister for Tourism Brazil, Marx Beltrão, launched the electronic Visa program for citizens of Australia, Canada, United States, and Japan. In 2016, Brazilian consulates in these four countries accounted for 63.74% of the Brazilian tourism visa demand worldwide and for 58.15% of the demand for business visas.

Minister for Tourism, Brazil - Marx Beltrão

The Brazil electronic Visa enables Australian nationals visiting Brazil to complete the entire Visa application process online. The initiative adds speed and convenience to the visa application process for Brazil and increases the efficiency in the provision of consular services.

The Brazilian E-visa will cost USD 40, which is substantially cheaper than the traditional visa, and will have a maximum validity of two years with a maximum length 90 days stay.

The eVisa is not an emergency visa. For emergency visas the applicant must visit the respective Consulate to obtain an ordinary visa.

Brazil eVisa launch

Left to right: The Hon. John George AJAKA, MLC (President of the Legislative Council of NSW, Manuel Innocencio (Ambassador of Brazil to Australia), Marx Beltrão (Minister for Tourism Brazil), Carlos de Abreu (Consul-General of Brazil), Ted Dziadkiewicz (Chairman – ATALA)

Lucy Zelic

Australia’s own Lucy Zelic, Sports Presenter SBS, recognised for her work commentating during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.