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    Turtle Films – at the heart of the matter.

    Soulful and inspiring, a film by Salvador Castro dives right into the emotional drive of his subjects.

    Films about culture, connections and creativity of people and organisations, uplifting and soulful, these films tell the human story of people getting together to make the world a better place.

    These stories inspire others to get on board, to be part of these wonderful projects, from long-running community radio to inclusive employment institutions to passionate dentists from Plenty Smiles, all have gained curious and enthusiastic followers and customers from seeing them in a Turtle film.

    We believe in telling very human stories of hope and positivity, in fostering a rich culture where people feel connected with others while participating in an event, shopping locally or, indeed, having their teeth seen to.

    Salvador and Turtle Films are eager to hear your stories and to bring fascinated people to you, to get you connected with your community.

    Take a look at some of our videos on, email with your inquiry, or call on 0415761195