RIO 2016 – The first Olympics held in South America!

    Rio 2016

    It’s an exciting time for Brazil – they are officially the first country in South America to ever host a Summer Olympics. However, it isn’t the first Latin American country to host the most highly anticipated multi-sports event in the world. In 1968, Mexico successfully hosted a summer Olympics too.

    While Brazil deals with ongoing political and societal unrest, the XXXI’st games officially opened on August 5th without incident. And now, we all look forward to the next 16 days of sporting action. Watching records being broken, athletes giving 100% following years of training, and being moved by individual stories of success, are just a handful of what we expect to see over the next fortnight.

    “Um mondo novo” (A new world) is the slogan for Rio’s games. It promotes transformation through sport and changing the world for the better. And Rio are committed to ensuring unity, respect for diversity and the will for change, will make these games the best ever, and the world a better place thereafter.


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