Rutas Pudú Ecoturism

Rutas Pudú Ecoturism

Rutas Pudú Ecoturism, an established eco-adventure tour group operating in the south of Chile, aims to create sustainable areas and promote environmental initiatives. Offering ecotourism that generates a positive impact on local communities, the tour group’s activities are completely catered for with all the necessary equipment for your adventure including vehicles and accompanying certified guides.

Rutas Pudú Ecoturism is located in Pelluhue, Maule region, Chile; located 393kms to the south of Santiago (Chile’s capital city) and 175kms to the north of Concepción (Biobío region).

Rutas Pudu - Pelluhue

Pelluhue is known for majestic coastal landscapes of imposing rocks in the midst of peaceful black sand beaches. Its many scenes includes the Chilean countryside, with small-scale agroecological crops worked by hand; offering exquisite and recognised gastronomy based on 100% local products. The warmth of Pelluhue inhabitants, and it’s postcard scenery makes for an unconventional destination where visitors can enjoy its benefits without crowds, accompanied by exceptional tourist services – it really is an unforgettable destination.


At Rutas Pudú every effort is made to ensure each customer’s experience is unique. A range of different outdoor activities can be offered including trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and shore sea fishing; with daily tours (of 1, 2 or 3 days duration) focused on connecting the visitor with local culture in a unique natural environment.

Rutas Pudu - Cycling



Each route has unique elements – you can feel like a true fisherman one day, enjoying the delights of the sea and experiencing the energy of the waves, to living a day as an agroecologist, sowing and harvesting your own organic foods and tasting local cuisine. If you prefer you can also learn about the culture through the knowledge of local artisans and learn the technique of ancestral construction of adobe (a building material made from earth and organic materials).


Rutas Pudu - Pelluhue

Getting there

From Santiago, using a car or an intercity bus, take the Pan-American Highway South (route 5) and/or route M-50 (Cauquenes – Pelluhue).

Pelluhue is located in the Maule region, a commune where the countryside and the sea meet, and fishing and artisanal agriculture are intertwined. Its climate is Mediterranean coastal with very marked seasons, offering an average temperature of 18 ° in the summer months (December to March) and 11 ° in the winter months (June to September).

Does it cater for English speaking travellers?

Yes – they have a trained team of guides who speak English. You may even learn a bit of Spanish while you are there.

Best way to contact

Easily contactable through digital/social platforms: and; for inquiries and reservations or whatsapp +56993007389.