Travel to Argentina

Iguana Falls, Argentina

Country: Argentinamap of argentina
Capital: Buenos Aires
Language: Spanish
Population: 43.5 million
Currency: Argentine Peso
Religion: Roman Catholic
Area size: 2.7 million square km’s

The second largest country in South America following Brazil, Argentina means “land of silver”.

Argentina was first explored by Europeans in the early 1500’s and gained its independence from Spain in 1816. Its immense land, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Chile and Uruguay, offers spectacular scenery; from its grassy northern plains (known as the “Pampas”), north eastern rainforests (including the amazing Iguazu Falls), to its rolling plateaus in the south (Patagonia) and the rugged Andes on its western front. This varied geography denotes a country bursting with appeal for travellers from around the globe.

Argentina is synonymous for the tango, the country’s national dance, and still holds onto the traditions of long ago with its modern day gaucho (cowboy). Its people are mostly of Spanish and Italian origin (97%) with the remaining groups including mestizo, Amerindian, and other non-white groups.

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