Travel to Belize

Palm Tree Road, Belize

Country: Belizemap-belize
Capital: Belmopan
Language: Spanish
Population: 368,310
Currency: Belizean Dollar
Religion: Roman Catholic
Area size: 23,000 square km’s

Located in Central America on the Carribean Sea, Belize was formerly known as British Honduras (a colony of Great Britain since 1840) until it gained its independence in 1981. Most of the country consists of forests but also includes Mayan ruins, mangrove swamps & coral reefs along the coast – each region attracting a great deal of wildlife to the country. This, along with its tropical weather, has made tourism its major source of currency.

Belize’s colourful arts and crafts, local dishes and traditions and many dynamic activities for tourists and locals alike, including river kayaking and cave-tubing expeditions, demonstrates the country’s Caribbean diversity.

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