Travel to Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

Country: MexicoMap of Mexico
Capital: Mexico City
Language: Spanish
Population: 119.5 million
Currency: Peso
Religion: Roman Catholic
Area size: 1.9 million square km’s

Largely made up of an Amerindian population, Mexico is located in Middle America. It borders the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, between Belize and USA, and the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and the USA.

A long period of Spanish rule before its independence in 1821 and prior to the Aztec sovereignty, the region was home to three great civilisations including the Mayas, the Olmecs and the Toltecs. It is this history that makes Mexico one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations of the present day.

From glorious Ancient Mayan temples, to exploring canyons in Barranca del Cobre, and snorkeling Yucatan coral reefs, finding something to do in Mexico is without question, never a problem.

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