Iguazu Falls, Paraguay

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First inhabited by Indians, Paraguay is surrounded by its larger South American neighbours Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. With almost 95% of the country's population being mestizos (mixed Spanish and native American), the major languages are Spanish and Guarani.

With chic Colonial towns and subtropical rainforests, Paraguay is more prone to visitors from neighbouring countries. However, tourists from across the globe who frequent here are not disappointed. This country of 6.9 million inhabitants, has a rich colonial history and unspoilt lands to explore. The Chaco, vast empty plains and forests occupying 61% of the country, houses major national parks including Defensores del Chaco, Enciso, Cerro Cora and Tifunque, These parks and the surrounding protected forests are home to over 600 bird and 200 mammal species.

Country: Paraguay
Population: 6.9 million
Currency: Guarani
Language: Spanish
Religion: Roman Catholic
Area size: 406,000 square km's
Capital: Asuncion

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