Travel to Uruguay

Casapueblo, Uruguay

Country: UruguayMap of Uruguay
Capital: Montevideo
Language: Spanish
Population: 3.5 million
Currency: Peso
Religion: Roman Catholic
Area size: 176.700 square km’s

Between Argentina and Brazil and bordering the South Atlantic Ocean is Uruguay, an unassuming country with just under 3.5 million inhabitants. Prior to European settlers, Uruguay was inhabited by the Charruas, the country’s indigenous people. However it was the Portuguese to first settle, specifically in Colonia del Sacramento in 1680.

Uruguay declared its independence from Argentina and Brazil in 1825, reasserting itself as a Republic in 1828. Uruguay’s landscape is mostly rolling plains in the south with a low raised ground in the north. Cerro Catedral, the country’s highest mountainous point, is 514 metres high.

Its inviting beaches, Colonial towns, and year-round pleasant climate has allowed Uruguay to benefit from a growing tourist industry. On the top of travellers lists to the second smallest country in South America is picturesque Colonia del Sacramento – a quaint Colonial town founded by the Portuguese and overlooking Rio de la Plata. Other popular sites include Punta del Este, world famous for its beaches, yacht club, and majestic sea-side homes, and Montevideo, the country’s eclectic capital. Here tourists can experience ‘la Ciudad Vieja’, the heart of the capital (with historic buildings and a vibrant night life), and Mercado del Puerto where you are guaranteed a great feed.

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