Travel to Venezuela

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Country: VenezuelaMap of Venezuela
Capital: Caracas
Language: Spanish
Population: 31.4 million
Currency: Bolivar
Religion: Roman Catholic
Area size: 912,000 square km’s

Bordered by Colombia, Guyana and Brazil, Venezuela occupies the north coast of South America on the Caribbean Sea. Its landscape ranges from the rugged Andes in the west, to jungles in the south, to the beautiful beaches in the north of the country. Being close to the equator means that its average temperatures vary only very slightly.

The original inhabitants of Venezuela were Indians from the Arawak, Carib and Chibcha tribes. The country gained independence in 1821 and became a republic in 1830 and today is one of the world’s major oil producers. This, and regular Miss Universe crowns are the country’s claims to fame. From a more green perspective, Venezuela boasts the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline to be found in any single nation.

Popular tourists spots (though travel to Venezuela is not nearly as popular as it is with neighbouring nations) include the worlds highest waterfall, Angel Falls. It can be found in Parque Nacional Canaima and measures 979 metres tall. In addition, Venezuela’s nightlife is a major attraction for foreigners, particularly the salsa locales found in the country’s capital Caracas.

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